Established in 2015, Togi is a speaker development project experimenting in the ambit of sound and design. This book is a collection of photographs of the most important works undertaken until now.

I believe that experimentation is a very interesting aspect of our being, and the world of sound is my personal field of investigation. I have difficulty in defining music in simple terms, but I am certain that, insofar as it is a language, it regards the world of composition, playing and listening. These three aspects make up the very matrix that generates our musical perspectives, a series of perspectives made up of uncountable faces, as many as the case studies that we may consider and study.

Every one of us lives music according to their own rules, and even merely listening is a valid means for personal dialogue, analysis and discovery. Over time, the concept of listening has evolved greatly. Today we are effectively able to listen to physically-absent sounds and people anywhere, anytime, thanks to the use of devices and – even if the music market is a niche one compared to other business activities – we can affirm that there is a significant number of devices that reproduce music throughout the world.

Despite their recent appearance on the market, these devices – in particular speakers and amplification systems – have also evolved and changed to become more commercial, but also because music itself has become increasingly electronic, therefore requiring a “quicker” sound and increasingly high-performance audio components.
When we speak of taste, we refer almost certainly to something that is objective. In music, each of us is searching for characteristics that satisfy us and this is Togi’s very raison d’être: to understand the matter and give it the sound desired.

The speaker is a sculpture, a sound sculpture, a tool that faithfully amplifies what is put through the microphone and reproduces that which was recorded previously.
I started working on this project as a teenager. I experimented with connections and constructions and, thanks to my work experience as a percussions teacher, I was able to work on the activity more seriously. I left my woodland home in Montevecchia, and I moved to Bologna where a close friend of mine from my home-town lived: Gigi.
I owe him a lot and it is thanks to this friendship that the Togi challenge started.
Together we started to bring to life my first designs, and even though the Bologna period only lasted five months it was very prolific. We built eight Bluetooth distributors, all equipped for battery supply, brand new graphics and state of the art coverings. I returned to Montevecchia, where my increasingly accurate study and experimentation led to the Power Street Speaker, a Bluetooth speaker with a well-balanced pitch, with bas-reliefs on the sides and hand-painted lettering on the top, and then the New Lines, passive speakers with 4 or 5 inch woofers, created in Castellana Grotte, my birth-town: my first true successful result in the world of audio and in particular in that of the Hi-Fi.